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Engagement Rings

We have created engagement rings at all budgets for over 25 years. By using a variety of materials and gemstones, we create custom pieces ranging from under $1,000 to couture works over $10,000.

We will work with you to choose the features of a ring that match your style and budget perfectly.

The Stunner Collection

Pittsburgh Jewelry Designer Elevates Lab-Grown Diamonds

Caesar Azzam releases his Stunner Collection featuring lab-grown diamonds, an eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds with the same chemical, physical and optical characteristics.

We Create Rings Featuring

Natural Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Sapphires & Gemstones


Traditional & Alternative Precious Metals

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Celebrating 25 Years in Pittsburgh

For the past twenty-five years, Caesar has been sharing his jewelry knowledge and experience in a casual, relaxed setting in his Shadyside store. Caesar’s Designs is different from the big-box stores. Here, you get individual attention from an expert in a no-pressure environment.

Purchasing jewelry is a big decision; Caesar will take the time to listen to you, understand your needs, style, and budget.

I’m someone who is very flexible, who reacts to the client’s requests. My job is to make the perfect piece for that particular client.

- Caesar Azzam, GIA Gemologist and Designer

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Caesar's Designs in Shadyside
5413 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, PA 15232



What We Offer

Locally Crafted Jewelry Creations

Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

Recycled Metals

Free Design Consultations

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Caesar's Designs in Shadyside
5413 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, PA 15232