Nothing you will purchase from Caesar’s Designs Fine Jewelry Creations can be found anywhere else.

Every piece from Caesar's is handcrafted. In the process of creating his storeroom or customer-specific pieces, Caesar injects his passion and love for his art.

Caesar's strives to create a specific, personal connection between you and your jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry begins with a creative vision and specific intention for the wearer.


Every piece tells a story.

Vintage jewelry or heirloom pieces, while thoughtful and meaningful, may no longer suit the style of the wearer. Caesar's understands your desire to preserve the integrity of your jewelry at the same time updating its style.
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Caesar has been serving Pittsburgh since 1998 when he opened his first jewelry store in his namesake. From the very beginning, he has believed in the special connection of the wearer and their jewelry. This philosophy has lead to years of satisfied customers and the recent opening of a 2nd location. The main jewelry store is located in Shadyside, Pittsburgh. We encourage you to stop-in to peruse our most recent designs or to discuss the creation of your next customized piece of jewelry. We are open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM. Our new location is conveniently located in the Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh. The Mt. Lebanon jewelry store is built to accelerate your vision. It is equipped with all the best tools and resources to create unique, one of a kind jewelry. At this location, we can do everything from re-imaging your favorite pieces of jewelry to creating something entirely new. Please set an appointment before you plan to visit our new jewelry design studio in Mt. Lebanon.

Caesar's Designs