Engagement Ring Guide

Caesar’s engagement ring guide is designed to help you pick the perfect ring for your partner. With so many choices to make, choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task. Price, style, and feel are all key factors to consider when purchasing a ring. In this guide, we outline each necessary component, so you are as confident about the ring, as you are about proposing.

The traditional gemstone of choice is the diamond, but there are many stones to choose from to match your budget and style. Other popular choices for gemstones are sapphire, morganite, opal, emerald, pearl, aquamarine, ruby, amethyst, moonstone, tanzanite, alexandrite, and turquoise. Each of the gemstones and minerals has different properties and colors, which can suit a variety of wearers. The primary quality ratings and cost are determined by the stone’s cut, color, clarity, and carat.

You can also choose not to use a gemstone and instead focus on the band metal and design. Many men’s rings are created without using any gemstones.

We suggest you start the process by exploring some great diamond alternatives and then proceed through setting and band. In those sections of the engagement ring guide, we’ll explore the many styles of settings appropriate for people with various lifestyles and personalities. We’ll consider in conjunction with the setting style as certain settings can only be created with certain metals. Bands can be formed using two different metals. In fact, there are many different colors and styles of metals from which to choose. Combining metals can create a unique, more personalized ring.

Ready to start designing or shopping for your ring?