One of a Kind

Everybody is different, and the idea of a custom design process scares some people. Others don’t want to just pick something out of a case. Even clients who want a unique, one of a kind, piece of jewelry may not have a vision of exactly what they want. Caesar’s gift is that he can interpret your specific vision, bringing it to life, or he can help you describe your taste and fashion sense just enough for him to create something you’ll love.

Caesar listens carefully to what you tell him. You can share your tastes, your favorite colors, your favorite gemstones, and your lifestyle…no matter how quirky. Caesar never judges! Caesar will gladly incorporate diamonds, gemstones or other parts of jewelry that you already own. After all, jewels that have been passed down are part of your family story.

A model is showing off a diamond ring
A model is showing a colored stone ring
A model is showing a custom designed ring