Love Stories

The Jewelry business is a business full of love stories. There is nothing as powerful as what Caesar’s customers say about their experience.

  • Kate's diamond engagement ring

    Kate’s Story

    When a groom wants to be absolutely sure she’s going to love the ring, what does he do? Why, he looks everywhere. This makes putting his confidence in Caesar really high praise. But the best part of this story is that after he proposed and she accepted…he kept on asking. That really seals the deal!

    Newlyweds with Compliment Envy

    Kate gets a lot of compliments on her diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band. Jeff is jealous. Nobody mentions his wedding band. What the heck? Especially after Jeff spent so much time finding just the right ring for Kate.

    “Jeff likes to be thorough and consider ALL his options” says Kate. They first saw the butter ring design with colored gemstones years ago in the window of Caesar’s Designs while strolling on Walnut Street in Shadyside. When Jeff decided to propose, he remembered that Kate said she liked it, but he decided to shop around anyway. He looked ‘everywhere’ – both brick and mortar stores and online. They even briefly considered just buying the diamond loose and having a ring designed around it. After all the information was gathered and Jeff felt confident about his decision, he finally returning to Caesar and ordered the butter ring design with diamonds.

    “The ring fit perfectly, the feel of it is amazing,” says Kate. “The journey from idea to ring was super easy; couldn’t have been any easier. Our meeting times were convenient and we felt safe and confident the whole time. The ring was even done sooner than expected!”

    Kate says, “Jeff has since proposed several times during our engagement, so I guess he just wanted to make extra sure I was going to be wearing this ring for a lifetime.”

    Reflecting on her experience with Caesar, Kate said his jewelry work is unique and highly customized. “Why would you go to a box store, or get what everybody else has? You’re supposed to be “the one” so why would your ring be anything less?” Kate mentioned that her friends who have small children take their rings off for fear of scratching the baby. “My ring is timeless and comfortable with no sharp edges, so in the future, I won’t have that problem.” (It sounds like Kate is a planner too!)

    Kate recommends Caesar to all her friends. “He’s a pleasure to work with, he knows what he’s doing; he’s genuine and NICE.”

    “By the time we were ready to select Jeff’s wedding band, we didn’t have time to customize it. But, Jeff being Jeff, he’s already planning a 10-year renewal of vows, so maybe we’ll have it customized then.”

  • A birthday ring from Norman to his wife

    Norman’s Story

    The Jewelry business is a business full of love stories. There is nothing as powerful as what Caesar’s customers say about their experience.

    Who Says Husbands aren’t Sentimental?

    This devoted husband talked to us about his secret plans to surprise his wife with a very special birthday present.  “My wife is not ostentatious. She doesn’t like to wear a lot of jewelry, but a milestone birthday was coming up and I wanted to honor her.”  Norman saw Caesar’s ad in a magazine and remembered it. He visited the store and was immediately drawn to the sculptural designs in the display cases and felt that Caesar’s style was a good fit for the type of special ring he had in mind. Norman and his wife had a number of family heirloom pieces and odds and ends to work with. “Caesar told us to just bring everything we had into the store – good, bad, or ugly – and he would determine which things he could use.” We even got a donation from our son, who still had a diamond stud earring that he stopped wearing long ago. “So now she has a very sophisticated, very personal ring she wears every day. We couldn’t be happier. The ring is brilliant, it captures great light. Recently we were in a trendy Philadelphia restaurant with our son.  The ring was refracting the neon lights. Our son was astonished by the interplay of his mother’s ring and mentioned it. We all had a fun moment marveling at the effect of the lights and ring together.”

    Norman says that Caesar has become their “family jeweler”. He is breathing new life into old, family pieces.

  • Michelle's anniversary ring

    Michele’s Story

    If you believe in signs and symbols, you’ll like this story of love, connection and a touching day full of surprises.

    Everyone is Special

    It all started when Michele casually commented to her husband, Bill, about an ad she saw in a magazine. Their tenth anniversary was approaching. Some of her contemporaries were getting new, updated engagements rings. Bill told her, albeit amiably, not to expect such a thing! Then lo and behold, to celebrate their anniversary, he planned a day-long adventure full of one surprise after another. Two of the highlights included flying in a glider and a stop at Caesar’s Designs. Michele remembers the day vividly. She said that sometimes you just get a sign that tells you you’re in the right place. Caesar’s young son was in the store that day washing the windows.

    As they talked about their families, they discovered they had both recently been on a trip to Turkey and were sharing stories about their respective adventures. ‘Caesar was so kind and accommodating’ as Bill and Michele described what they had in mind. The process was exciting and wearing the ring and getting noticed and complimented by her friends and colleagues felt really nice. Then, Michele spotted her ring in a magazine ad that Caesar had placed. “That was a proud moment,” says Michele. “That’s when I finally realized that I had something truly one-of-a-kind on my finger.”

    Michele and Bill have recommended Caesar to others, for more than his artistry and creative talent. They both believe Caesar is a warm and genuine person who cares much more about his customers’ happiness than strictly about how much money they have to spend.

  • David's engagement ring with a private stone set inside the band.

    David’s Story

    The pressure to turn a trying time into a lasting positive memory turned out well, as David figured out a way to share the love. 


    David’s father was terminally ill. In order to include his father in the joy of proposing to his long-time girlfriend, whom his father loved as much as he did, David accelerated his plans to propose and needed an engagement ring. David’s first attempts were frustrating. He walked in and out of a few places. The prices were high and the wow-factor of the jewelry was low. In at least one place, David said he felt the salesperson was judging him based on his budget.

    David happened into Caesar’s Designs and he feels lucky that he did. David found a ring he loved and Caesar helped him make it affordable.

    He proposed…she accepted…and on David’s request, Caesar added a private stone on the inside of the ring that is loaded with meaning for this special couple. David’s father got to share in his son’s joy and though he has since passed away, David has another priceless memory of an important moment with his father.

    Now David and his fianceé are getting their wedding bands made. The wax molds are designed and being made and soon the gold will be poured. David chose a ring for himself that he never would have envisioned choosing – it somewhat matches his fiancee’s engagement ring. Caesar made subtle changes to suit David.

    David and his fianceé loved the experience of being involved with Caesar, who David characterizes as “A really nice guy who is easy to talk to.”  Though the drive from their home to Caesar’s store in Shadyside is a long one, David says, “It was worth the trip to make this event in our lives more special.”

  • Bill and Jim toasting with wine

    Bill’s Story

    The customers who have great taste and have shopped all over the world for diamonds, colored gemstones and beautiful designs, value  Caesar’s designs even more.

    At Last!

    Bill is a self-proclaimed fan of jewelry, though his long-time partner, Jim could care less. Bill also has a soft spot in his heart for Shadyside and, though he lives 2.5 hours away, he loves to browse the shops.  Over the years, Bill has returned to Caesar many times for various pieces of jewelry. Everything Bill suggests, Caesar makes or comes up with a design to fulfill Bill’s vision. Not too long ago, Caesar joked with Bill about making wedding bands for the couple, should they ever get married. Well, one day Bill and Jim walked into the store and told Caesar “We have good news and bad news. The good news is we’re getting married! The bad news is the wedding is in 2 weeks.” They made ring choices right then and there; picked out stones and the design and every detail. Caesar completed the rings in plenty of time for the wedding. Bill is clearly a big fan of Caesar’s. He says, “Caesar is awesome – he’s so helpful, has always gone above and beyond. ‘He’s the man!”

    Bill and Jim travel a lot and Bill says he’s always dragging Jim into jewelry stores, but they just window shop. Why? Because Caesar’s designs and his prices can’t be beat. Bill feels he’s getting a great value. “Whenever Caesar quotes me the price, I usually say, “How soon can you do this?”

  • Lynn's marquise shaped center diamond with yellow gold ring

    Lynn’s Story

    People like Frank, with great design sensibilities, are Caesar’s best customers. They know something truly special when they see it and also know the painstaking attention to detail that is required. 

    Still Full of Surprises – After 30 Years

    It wasn’t easy for Frank to find a way to surprise his wife, Lynn. He really wanted to buy her a fabulous new ring to commemorate 3 decades together. But there was a catch. Lynn was really sentimental about her engagement ring. After all, she’d been wearing it for all these years. They discussed the possibility of going to New York to find just the right jeweler – an artisan who could reimagine a ring for Lynn using her original marquis-shaped diamond. As an amateur artist, Frank was really focused on making sure the design was just right. “This was really important to him,” says Lynn. Fortunately, Frank decided to start his search the modern way…using the Internet. Much to his delight, Frank found Caesar Azzam, “right in his backyard,” as he puts it.

    In addition to incorporating Lynn’s original diamond, Caesar and Frank came up with the idea of adding four smaller diamonds, one to represent each of their four children. Lynn was an important part of the process too. Caesar asked her many questions about her taste, her lifestyle and her preferences. Based on the couples input, Caesar came up with three different possible designs. One of them turned Lynn’s marquis-shaped diamond sideways, which was a big surprise and turned out to be the design Lynn liked best.

    With the design idea approved, Caesar proceeded to the next step – the wax mold. Lynn and Frank appreciated the ability to see and feel the design in three dimensions before the ring was actually crafted. They also appreciated the easy process and how attentive Caesar was throughout. “He listened to us and added his really good ideas, and then stayed in budget. It was really fun and made us feel like we were more than just customers to Caesar.”

    The final verdict? Lynn says, “I couldn’t be happier. I never dreamed it could look like this!  Since then, we have been back to Caesar to help us with other jewelry needs. We always hug and share news about our families. Whenever I get compliments on my diamonds (and it happens all the time), I tell them about my jeweler, Caesar. I’m so glad we found him.”