Engagement Ring Collection

Whimsical, unique, and non-traditional engagement ring designs are highly sought after which means jewelers must keep up with the latest trends to accommodate. Caesar’s Jeweler’s merges timeless, classic traditions with customized, modern designs. Getting ready to pop the question? Stop by Caesar’s to start off your marriage with a ring that is just as one-of-a-kind as you are.

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The Engagement Ring

A Historic Tradition

Engagement rings are timeless symbols of true love and deeply personal representations of affection. Many choose to believe that engagement rings are part of an ingenious marketing campaign by jewelry stores in the 1930’s to sell more diamonds. However, the tradition of presenting a prospective partner with an “engagement ring” dates back even further. 

The Beginning of the Diamond Engagement Ring

In Roman times, it was discovered that a woman would be presented with a ring connected to a set of small keys. Later, in the 1400s, Archduke Maximillian of Austria requested a custom-designed ring for his future bride, Mary of Burgundy. Diamond engagement rings immediately increased in demand and became a fast trend among persons of nobility. Over time, rings were crafted in different shapes and designs with different gemstones, customized specifically for each wearer.

The Diamond Engagement Ring Grows in Popularity

More and more jewelers opened shops to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for partner-specific engagement rings. One of the most popular jewelry stores of the time opened more diamond mines, with the specific purpose of harvesting more gemstones. Unfortunately, the United States was facing a tough economic situation in the 1930’s, where basic necessities were greatly scarce. To increase demand, jewelry stores saturated the market by covering famous actors and actresses with diamonds. This led to a 50% sales increase in under five years and solidified the diamond as a symbol of marriage and everlasting love.

At Caesar’s Designs, we know that every relationship and engagement comes with a story. Whether you would like to design from scratch or create something unique out of an existing piece, we believe that your engagement ring should match your story and traditions. 

If you are shopping for an engagement ring, we encourage you to review our engagement ring guide. The guide is designed to help you understand each component of the ring, the terminology, and the various styles of engagement rings. We also, invite you to visit our store to create your own engagement ring.