Community Involvement

“Not only is our business interest here…we and all of our families live, learn, grow and play in this very connected and philanthropic environment we call home.”

Caesar’s Designs is wholly committed to the Pittsburgh Region and is dedicated to playing its part in supporting many worthwhile non-profit initiatives in our community.

If you have a worthwhile cause, Caesar welcomes you to inquire about a  possible donation. He carefully considers every request and gives sincere thought to fulfilling as many as possible each year.

Cause Related Designs

POWER logo

Pendant made for POWERCaesar lovingly designed a modern jewelry line exclusively for POWER. Each piece is inspired by the sunflower and the beauty, strength, and resilience it embodies. The Seeds of Hope line is beautifully hand-crafted in sterling silver with a bold, contemporary design utilizing the shapes of actual sunflower seeds. The Sunflower line was designed exclusively for POWER. Each piece in the Sunflower line is painstakingly hand-crafted in sterling silver with a striking, contemporary interpretation of a sunflower inlaid in rose gold.
The Seeds of Hope and Sunflower collections are available online throughLocal Goodness and at Caesar’s Designs and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts shop (6300 Fifth Avenue, Shadyside).

Pittsburgh Marathon logo

Pendant made for the Pittsburgh MarathonFrom 2013 to 2014, Caesar’s Designs was the official jeweler of the Pittsburgh Marathon, with a specially designed pendant to commemorate one of the premium events that attract an international audience to our fair city.

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape Logo

Pendant made for Pittburgh Action Against RapeCaesar designed a special piece of jewelry to benefit Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.

Pittsburgh Coalition Against Rape logo

Caesar supports the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape with his specially designed jewelry.

Mansions on Fifth Hotel logo

Pendant made for Mansions on FifthFor Mansions on Fifth, Caesar designed this special piece depicting Haphaestus, the God of Fire, Volcanoes and Metalworking. The sculpture looms large over the fireplace in the formal dining room at Pittsburgh’s historic Mansions on Fifth. This bold sterling silver pendant pays tribute to the artistry of the Mansions, with the Fire God on one side and the acorn and oak leaf motif of the Mansions on Fifth on the back. This pendant is a true statement piece for that “girl on fire!” Exclusively created for the Mansions Collection. Local Goodness.

Donations to Help Boost Fundraising Efforts

Sponsorships and Underwriting

Out of this World Jewelry for the Wertz Gallery

Out of This World! Jewelry in the Space Age

June 27, 2015–January 4, 2016
Wertz Gallery at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems

Out of This World! Jewelry in the Space Age brings together scientific fact and pop culture in a showcase of wearable and decorative arts related to outer space, space travel, the space age, and the powerful influence these topics have had on human civilization.

Beginning with jewelry and artifacts memorializing the appearance of Halley’s Comet in 1835, Out of this World! travels forward through time to explore nearly 200 objects from landmark moments in space-related history. Pieces in the exhibition include ephemera, jewelry, and objets d’art inspired by events that captured our imagination, such as the 1865 publication of Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, the 1957 Sputnik launch that kicked off the space race of the Cold War, and milestone NASA missions.

More information about the Wertz Gallery: Gems & Jewelry in Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems is available here.